Support available for your child or young person with Autism

Find out about the support available for your child or young person.

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The support provided by the Service is based on the specific needs of your child or young person and may include:

Advice, Resources and Training

Our Service can provide advice and guidance, and also has dedicated resources covering a range of topics. 

These free resources can be accessed at the Autism Advisory Intervention Service on the EA Website.

There are bespoke resources to suit children and young people within each phase, for example:

  • supporting a child with understanding and acceptance of an ASD diagnosis,
  • supporting positive routines,
  • social communication,
  • emotional regulation,
  • sensory regulation, and
  • advice on supporting the transition to college.

You can also access relevant training.  Training for parents can include age-specific topics such as dedicated early years parent workshops.

Direct Pupil Support

To provide the most appropriate level of support, our Service will work together with the child or young person, their parents or carers, educational staff and other professionals.

Support can also be provided to children and young people moving from one educational setting to another, including practical advice and guidance.  

Examples include: 

  • provide advice and support on the child’s social, emotional and educational development needs;
  • provide advice and guidance to staff to support children and young people in the school environment;
  • work in partnership with parents/carers to provide advice and guidance to support their child’s needs;
  • provide advice on appropriate resources and structures, including signposting to relevant websites/apps and training; and
  • signpost to other organisations, e.g. Health and Social Care Trusts.

Parent/Carer Consultation

Parents and carers of children and young people who are awaiting or currently undergoing an ASD assessment and who are experiencing difficulties, can request a Parent Consultation by telephoning their local AAIS office

General advice and guidance may include a discussion on a range of issues, for example: 

  • understanding and accepting an ASD diagnosis, 
  • establishing and maintaining routines, 
  • anxiety, 
  • school refusal, 
  • toileting, 
  • transition support, 
  • emotional regulation, 
  • supporting sensory difficulties; and 
  • preparing for a school trip.

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Contact the Autism Advisory and Intervention Service

The Autism Advisory and Intervention Team can be contacted for advice and information specific to children and young people who have, or may have, autism.