How to access Post Primary Behaviour Support

How to get support for a child or young person. 

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Getting support

Support from our team usually occurs after a referral from a school or educational setting. Referrals for certain supports and provisions are made in consultation with the Education Authority’s Educational Psychology Service.

The Educational Psychologist’s referral will detail your child’s strengths, the impact of their social, behavioural, emotional and wellbeing difficulties and their educational needs. We will consult with your child’s school, as well as speaking to you, as parents or carers. From this we will produce a tailored support programme.

If you think your child has a learning need, you can talk to a number of professionals for advice including medical or social care professionals, and the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) in their school.

We can support children and young people with or without a Statement of Special Educational Needs.

Making a referral

You can’t currently refer your child to the Service.

The referral must be made via your child’s school or educational setting.

If you have a concern about your child, speak to their teacher or a healthcare professional such as a GP or social worker who will be able to provide advice and guidance on the issue.

How is a child or young person referred to the Service?

Schools and educational settings can request support from the service by referring directly to the Service. 

Schools complete a Service Request Support Form and submit to the Post Primary Behaviour Support and Provisions Service. This information will be reviewed and a decision made of the level of support required. This will then be allocated to a member of Team who will make contact made with the school and progress appropriate child’s needs. This may involve contact with you the parents with a view to better understanding issues. 

For more details on to how to access support from the Service see our Making a Referral and Timeline and Criteria information. 

What happens following a referral to the Service?

The Service is made up of a regional team of experienced professionals, teachers and support staff. 

Once a referral is received (and if it meets the referral criteria) we will gather the information needed. We will then develop a plan for the most appropriate form of support to help meet your child’s current needs. We will do this in collaboration with the school and in some cases with you as the parent or carer.

Level of support your child will receive

For many children and young people with SEN, their specific needs can be met within their educational setting.

Depending on your child’s needs, support may include school-based support, outreach, short term, or long-term placements. 

The support provided by our Service is based on the specific needs of each child. If support is required, we can provide resources, training, advice and guidance for parents or carers and schools. We can also provide support for your child or young person where applicable.

Support can be provided with or without a Statement of Special Educational Needs being in place.

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