Criteria and timeline for accessing support from Post Primary Behaviour Support

Criteria and timeline for accessing support. 

Criteria and Timelines are under review as part of the SEND Transformation Programme. They are also impacted by the current significant financial constraints and pressures facing education.


The Post Primary Behaviour Support and Provisions Service follows a model of continuum support.  

A child or young person can access the Service without a Statement of Special Educational Needs


Resources are available to children and young people, parents or carers, and schools. There are no required criteria for accessing these resources Please note resources are currently under development and will be made available in due course.  


Training is available for all educational setting staff. This includes online training which school staff may access via the Children and Young People’s Services Training Programme.  There are no criteria necessary to access this.  

Face-to-face training may be requested by schools by contacting the Service directly.  Alternatively, schools can request face-to-face training by completing a School Behaviour Support BS1 Form.  

Advice and Guidance

Advice and Guidance is available to teachers and other relevant professionals who work with young people with identified with social, behavioural, emotional and wellbeing needs. Specific advice is available to schools, parents or carers in relation to bullying concerns. Contact the Assistant Advisory Officer attached to your school for more information.  

Pupil Support

Pupil Support may be available, where appropriate, to a child with an identified need in with social, behavioural, emotional and wellbeing needs. A PPBS&PS referral must be submitted by the school. To access certain support and provisions, this must be done in consultation with the Educational Psychology Service. 


Any member of school staff can makes a referral to the Service using the online referral form

Once a referral is received the allocation panel will meet to assess the needs of the young person and determine the level of support. This panel meets every two weeks and decisions are made on the day.  

If criteria are met, an officer from the Service will aim to contact the school within 4 weeks to progress the level of support agreed. 

There will be ongoing monitoring and review throughout the period of support. The level of support or provisions may be amended accordingly. Support is always provided on a needs-led basis. 

1 Referral received

2 weeks

2 Allocation panel meeting

4 weeks

3 Support provided (if required)

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