About the Down Syndrome Service

General information about the Special Educational Needs Inclusion Service Down Syndrome and who they work with. 

Who we are

The Special Educational Needs Inclusion Service for Down Syndrome (SENIS DS) is a team of dedicated staff who specialise in providing support to children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) arising from a medical diagnosis of Down syndrome (DS).

The team works throughout Northern Ireland with children and young people with DS from their pre pre-school year through pre-school and primary to post primary education age, helping them to access the curriculum and overcome barriers to learning.

Who we work with

We work with:

  • Other EA support services;
  • External agencies including schools and Health and Social Care Trusts;
  • Public Health Agency; and
  • Families and carers of children and young people. 

A number of other professionals may be involved and GDPR guidelines are adhered to at all times. Permission will always be gained from those with parental responsibility to discuss any child.

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Contact the Down Syndrome Service

The Down Syndrome Service can be contacted for advice and information specific to children and young people who have, or may have, Down syndrome.