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Language and Communication

Support for children and young people whose primary need is language development, including a Developmental Language Disorder profile.

We support the educational development of children and young people with a primary Special Educational Need (SEN) in language and communication. This includes Receptive Language Needs (difficulty in understanding or processing what is being said) and/or Expressive Language Needs (difficulties in remembering words or speaking in sentences).

We do so by working together in partnership with children and young people, educational staff, parents/carers and other professionals.

We provide support for children and young people in preschool to post primary education.

We also offer information, advice, training and guidance for families, carers and school staff. 

If a child has difficulties with producing speech sounds, then this need can be best addressed by Health and Social Care Trust speech and language therapists (SLT).

You can also read our Easy Read: A Guide for Children and Young People on the Language and Communication Service

Contact the Language and Communication Service

The Language and Communication Service can be contacted for advice and information specific to children and young people who have, or may have, a language development need.