Support available for your child

Find out about the support available to your child/young person.

The support provided by the Service is based on the specific needs of your child or young person and may include:

Advice, Resources and Training

Our Service can provide advice and guidance and also has dedicated resources covering a range of topics to include:   

  • Language Development 

  • Early Years 

  • Primary 1 to Primary 4 

  • Primary 5 to Primary 7  

  • Social Communication  

See our Language and Communication Resources.  

Pupil Support

Children who have development language disorder (DLD) or DLD profile as their primary SEN, may be provided with bespoke support, where appropriate.  

If a child attends a nursery school or a nursery class attached to a primary school, support from our team usually occurs after a referral is made from an EA Educational Psychologist (EP).

If a child attends a playgroup, support from our team occurs after a referral to the Early Years Hub by an EA Educational Psychologist via a health professional, usually a Community Paediatrician.

Parent/Carer Support

Parents and carers of a child with an identified SEN who has not been referred to the Language and Communication Service can contact the Service.

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Contact the Language and Communication Service

The Language and Communication Service can be contacted for advice and information specific to children and young people who have, or may have, a language development need.