How to access Literacy Support

How to get support for a child or young person.

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Support from our team occurs after a school consultation with an EA Educational Psychologist (EP). Based on the outcome of this consultation, a referral may be submitted by the EP to the Literacy Service.

The referral will detail your child’s strengths, the impact of their difficulty in literacy and their educational needs. This information will be collated in partnership with EP and the school in what is known as a ‘Psychological Involvement Referral Letter’. This is issued to the school and will help inform a pathway of support.

If you think your child has a learning need, you can talk to a number of professionals for advice including your child’s class teacher, the school Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) or medical or social care professionals.

We can support children and young people with or without a Statement of Special Educational Needs.

Can a parent or carer refer a child or young person to this Service?

You can’t currently refer your child to the Literacy Service (LS).  The referral must be made via the school that your child attends and through the Educational Psychology Service (EPS).

 If you have a concern about your child, speak to their teachers at their school or the school Special Educational Needs Coordinator.

How is a Child or Young Person Referred to the Literacy Service?

If your child has an identified Special Educational Need, they may be referred to this Service following consultation with the school’s Educational Psychologist.

Your child’s school will provide the Educational Psychology Service with detailed information on any interventions the school has made on behalf of your child. This will enable our Service to develop an informed and tailored programme of support, in accordance with your child’s needs. 

If your child has not been referred to or is not being supported by our Service and you believe your child may have SEN, you can talk to a number of professionals for advice including your child’s class teacher, the Special Educational Needs Coordinator in your child’s school or medical and health care professionals.

For more details on to how to access support from the Service see our Making a Referral and Timeline and Criteria information. 

What Happens Following a Referral to the Literacy Service?

Once a referral is received and if it meets the referral criteria, a Senior Teacher of the Literacy Service team will be allocated to your child.

A Literacy Service Teacher will assess the information provided by the school and will use this to develop a programme of support for your child, based on their individual needs. 

What level of support will my child receive?

For many children and young people with SEN, their specific needs can be met within their school.

The support provided by our Service is based on the specific needs of each child and can be provided with or without a Statement of Special Educational Needs being in place.

If support is required, we can provide resources, training, advice and guidance for schools, and advice for parents and carers. We can also provide individual support for your child, where applicable.

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