Criteria and timeline for accessing support from Literacy Service

Timeline and criteria for accessing support.

Criteria and Timelines are under review as part of the SEND Transformation Programme. They are also impacted by the current significant financial constraints and pressures facing education.

Criteria for Accessing Support from the Service

A child or young person can access the Literacy Service without a Statement of Special Educational Needs.

It is the responsibility of all schools to meet the literacy needs of their pupils. Our Service can support educational settings by providing a wide range of guidance and resources to ensure staff are well equipped to help meet those needs.

Resources are available to children and young people, parents or carers and schools. There are no criteria for accessing these. These resources are available on the Literacy Service Resource page.

Schools can access resources via the Literacy Service Resource Hub hosted on the C2k network. Access can be provided to the Principal, Special Educational Needs Coordinator and Literacy Coordinator by emailing [email protected] Please note you will be need a C2K username and password to access this site.

Training is available for all school staff. This includes online training, which school staff may access via the Children and Young People's Service Training Programme. There are no criteria necessary to access this.

Advice and Guidance is available to teachers and other relevant professionals as well as parents or carers of children and young people who meet criteria for the first tier of support from Literacy Service, following referral for consideration of support.

Pupil Support may be available, where appropriate, to a child or young person who meets the threshold criteria for support from a specialist teacher from our Service, following referral for consideration of support. This may be through working directly with individual or small groups of children and through the use of Assistive Technology.

Timeline for Accessing Support from the Service

The Educational Psychology Service makes a referral for consideration of support to the Literacy Service via email, having consulted with the school’s Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) and on behalf of the school and parents.

Once a referral is received and if criteria are met, the school will be contacted within a maximum of 10 weeks and provided with advice, guidance and access to digital resources on the Literacy Service Resource Hub hosted on C2k.

The most appropriate package of support to help meet a child’s current needs may include support from a specialist Literacy Service teacher. The Service aims to provide intervention (if required) within a maximum of 6 months of this recommendation being made.

Support is always provided on a needs-led basis.

1 Referral received

10 weeks

2 Initial contact with school

6 months

3 Support provided (if required)

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