Support available for Your Child/Young Person

Find out about the support available for your child or young person.

The support provided by our Service is based on the specific needs of your child or young person and may include:

Advice, Resources and Training

Our Service can provide advice and guidance to parents or carers and children or young people and also has dedicated resources covering a range of topics. 

A regular Newsletter has been developed to support the pupils referred to our service, their parents and schools. In every issue you will find examples of good practice, helpful tips and strategies and most importantly the voice of the pupil represented in pictures, writing and personal stories etc. The newsletter is available on the Literacy Service Resource page.

A wide range of software is available free of charge via the school C2K network and online for C2K users (including children and young people) to download for all children using their C2k account at school and at home.

Schools and parents or carers of children and young people can also access relevant information.  Resources for parents can include literacy specific topics to support your child at home and are accessible on the Literacy Service Resource page.

Pupil Support

Children and young people who have literacy difficulties and an identified SEN in Cognition and Learning may be provided with tailored support, where appropriate.

To provide the most appropriate level of support, our Service will work together with the parents or carers, educational staff and other professionals and with the child in question, if appropriate.

Support can also be provided to children and young people on how to access and use Assistive Technology that supports learning and literacy development.

Parent Information

Parents or carers of a child or young person with an identified SEN who has not been referred to the Literacy Service, can contact the service for advice and information.

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Contact the Literacy Service

The Literacy Service Team can be contacted for advice and information specific to children and young people who have, or may have, learning difficulties in literacy and dyslexia.