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Moderate Learning Difficulties

Support for children and young people with Moderate Learning Difficulties.  

What are Moderate Learning Difficulties?

Moderate Learning Difficulty is a term used to describe children who display significant delays in reaching developmental milestones and have difficulty in accessing the curriculum.  Children with Moderate Learning Difficulties often struggle with literacy and numeracy despite differentiated learning and support.  Children with Moderate Learning Difficulty may also have difficulty with some or all of the following:

  • Speech and language delay;
  • Difficulty understanding basic concepts;
  • Poor memory and problem solving skills;
  • Poor fine and gross motor skills;
  • Low levels of concentration; and
  • Underdeveloped social, emotional and personal skills.

What Support Does this Service Provide?

We support the educational, personal and social development of pupils with Special Educational Needs arising from Moderate Learning Difficulties.

We do so by working in partnership with children and young people, educational staff, parents or carers and other professionals.

We provide support for children and young people in mainstream primary and post primary schools.

We also work with schools to make them fully inclusive for our children and young people with Moderate Learning Difficulties.

We provide information, advice, training and guidance to families, carers and school staff. 

You can also read our Easy Read: A Guide for Children and Young People on the SEN Inclusion Service Moderate Learning Difficulties

Contact the Moderate Learning Difficulties Service

The Moderate Learning Difficulties Service can be contacted for advice and information specific to children and young people who have, or may have, moderate learning difficulties.