Criteria and timeline for accessing Moderate Learning Difficulties support

Timeline and criteria for accessing support.

Criteria and Timelines are under review as part of the SEND Transformation Programme. They are also impacted by the current significant financial constraints and pressures facing education.

Criteria for Accessing Support from the Service

A child or young person can access the SEN Inclusion Service for Moderate Learning Difficulties without a Statement of Special Educational Needs.

Resources are available to schools who are supporting children and young people with Moderate Learning Difficulty recorded as their primary need, under the SEN Category of Cognition and Learning. There is no criteria for accessing these.

Training is available for school staff. This includes online training, which school staff may access via the Children and Young People's Service Training Programme. There is no criteria necessary to access this.

Face-to-face training may be requested by liaising with your SENIS Moderate Learning Difficulties Advisory Teacher and school Special Educational Needs Coordinator.

Advice and Guidance is available to teachers, classroom assistants and other relevant professionals as well as parents or carers of children and young people with Moderate Learning Difficulty who have been referred to SENIS Moderate Learning Difficulty by the Educational Psychology Service.

Pupil Support may be available, where appropriate, to children and young people with Moderate Learning Difficulties.

To access support, a pupil will need either:

  • a SENIS Moderate Learning Difficulty Referral Form submitted by an EA Educational Psychologist as well as the school’s action as detailed in the PLP under Stage 1 including the outcomes of regular reviews; or
  • a Statement of Special Educational Needs where access to advice and support from our Service is indicated in Part 3 (Special Educational Provision) of the pupil’s Statement.

Timeline for Accessing Support from the Service

An Educational Psychologist makes a referral to the SEN Inclusion Service for Moderate Learning Difficulties via email.

Once a referral is received and if criteria is met, the parent or carer will be contacted within 16 weeks and the Service will assign an Advisory Teacher to the child or young person.

An initial assessment will begin within 8 weeks and may include:

  • Parent/Carer conversation
  • Special Educational Needs Coordinator and teacher feedback
  • Pupil conversation
  • Observation
  • Informal and formal assessment

On completion of initial assessment, the most appropriate package of support will be developed to support the child’s current needs. This will be done in collaboration with them, their parents and the school.

The pupil may need more support from our Service during key milestones and less support at other times. Support is always provided on a needs-led basis.

1 Referral received

16 weeks

2 Initial contact with parent / carer

8 weeks

3 Support provided (if required)

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