Support available from SEN Early Years Inclusion Service

Find out about the support available for your child.

The support provided by the Service is based on the specific needs of a child and may include:

Advice, Resources and Training

Our Service can provide training and advice to parents/carers and early education staff.  We also have dedicated resources covering a range of topics. In some cases, we will provide advice and signposting to other relevant professionals, for example, Sure Start, Allied Health Professionals (HSCT) and RISE NI.

Pupil Support

Children who have one or more identified SEND, and have been referred to us via the Early Years Hub, may be provided with bespoke support, where appropriate.

To provide the most appropriate level of support, our Service will work together with you, early educational/pre-school setting staff and other professionals.

Support can also be provided to your child when they are transitioning into primary education, including practical advice and guidance. 

Parent Information

Parents/carers of a child with SEND who has been referred to the SEN Early Years Inclusion Service (SENEYIS), can contact their local SENEYIS office for advice.

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Contact the SEN Early Years Service

The SEN Early Years Service can be contacted for advice and information specific to pre-school children who have, or may have, special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).