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Useful links for school staff and parents in supporting children and young people.


Celebrating Me Series

The ‘Celebrating Me’ Programme consists of six short videos which explore the different aspects of having a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from the pupil’s perspective. The programme aims to educate the pupil on the dyad of impairment while encouraging the pupil to explore what each area means to them through discussions and competing the accompanying booklet activities. 

Celebrating Me Videos

Celebrating Me Ep. 1 - Being Unique

Celebrating Me Ep. 2 - Autism

Celebrating Me Ep. 3 - Communication

Celebrating Me Ep. 4 - Social Interaction

Celebrating Me Ep. 5 - Flexible Thinking

Celebrating Me Ep. 6 - Flexible Thinking

Useful Links


My School

(You need your c2k username and password to log in). When you log into My School you can access materials / tasks that your teachers have set you.

Google Classroom

Use your c2k username and password to log in to access resources.

CCEA website

This link to the CCEA website will get you access to the specifications for exams that you may be taking.

Middletown Centre for Autism (MCA)

AAIS works closely with Middletown Centre for Autism (MCA).  Children and young people who are referred to AAIS and who continue to experience significant and complex difficulties, may be referred to MCA for more intensive support.  This support also entails pupil support and training for settings, but also provides intensive parental/carer support in the home. 


Crash Course

Lots of short courses on a range of topics.

BBC Bitesize

A wide range of materials on key topics and subjects(at every level) that you will be studying in school.

The Khan Academy

Offers free online learning courses for young people in a range of subject areas, especially useful for Maths and Computing.


A range of useful online talks and videos.


Provides a wide range of learning materials and courses for GCSE and A Level students: - some resources are free!

Big History Project

Examines our past, explains our present.

Science & Technology

The Kids Should See This!

This website has lots of interesting videos.

Mystery Science

Provides a range of questions and experiments.

The Crest Awards Programme

Provides science and technology projects that young people can complete at home.

Computers / Programming


To learn more about computer programming and coding.

iDEA Mini courses

Online courses in a range of topic areas including coding.

Tinker Cad

A website where you can learn about coding and making things work.


Blockly Games

Teaches computer programming via gaming.

World Geography Games

This website contains a range of geography based games.

National Geographic and National Geographic Kids

A variety of useful and interesting articles, videos and tasks.


Corbett Maths

This website is excellent for maths practice and revision.

For Parents

Regional Integrated Support Education Team (RISE NI)

Website for parents and carers of children in mainstream nursery and primary school (up to P4). Includes information leaflet, suggested activities/resources and parent training videos to promote development of speech and language, fine and gross motor skills, and social and emotional development. RISE NI also provide information for teachers

Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership: A Guide to Help Parents on Their Journey Through Disability/Additional Needs

This resource, created by parents for parents, addresses the whole life journey for parents of children with disability and additional needs. It is a live document which will be updated as new resources are developed.

Parent Info

A website with information and advice for families in a digital world.

Net Aware

This is an NSPCC website and explains how to keep children and young people safe online.                                                     

At stressful times, it is even more important to be kind to yourself and to look after your emotional wellbeing. This chapter will signpost you to a range of apps and online resources which focus on physical exercise, hobbies and interests, relaxation tools and connecting with friends.

  1. Physical Exercise

Daily exercise is important for both our physical and emotional well-being. Here are some ways to get that daily burst of exercise:

YMCA Health and Fitness Videos

This site allows you to stream daily exercise, including Yoga, Tai Chai and Bootcamp!

Core NI

Live Family Workout every day @ 11.00am (available via Facebook and Instagram).

  1. Pursuing a hobby or interest

Libraries NI 

‘Borrow’ online books and magazines, free of charge. All you need to have is your library card!

Blue Peter Badges!

Did you ever think that you might want to earn a Blue Peter Badge? Well, now you can!


If you would like to learn a new language or practice a language that you are learning in school you should consider checking out the Duolingo web page.


Minecraft tutorials..... free for one month!

  1. Emotional Regulation

There are loads of online resources and apps, many of which are free of charge at present. Please see below some apps/websites which may be helpful at times when you are feeling anxious.

Breathe to Relax

You will be able to use this app for relaxing your mind and relieve physiological and physical stress.

Head Space

Mindfulness for everyday living.

Chill Panda

Uses the camera on your mobile to detect your heart rate and provides relaxation and calming exercises.

Mind Shift: Healthy Young Minds

Free app designed for teens and young adults to cope with anxiety.

Insight Timer

App and guided meditations for addressing sleep, anxiety and stress.

The Free Mindfulness Project

Mindfulness-based stress reduction.


Strategies for sleep, meditation and relaxation.

Mindfulness Colouring App

To provide a sense of peace and focus.

The Counseling Teacher

Journal for teens, growth mind-set and mindfulness.


This website provides free guided imagery to assist with diaphragmatic breathing and progressive muscle relaxation.

Smiling Mind

A non-profit, app-based meditation and mindfulness programme.

Autism 5-Point Scale EP

This app provides individuals with ASD a means of communicating their personal level of anxiety and providing specific guidance.

The Worry Box App

An app used to address anxiety and self-help.

Anti-stress Anxiety Relief Games App

Stress-relieving games on your mobile and/or iPad.

Anxiety Canada

Strategies to relax, be mindful and take charge of your anxiety.

Middletown Centre for Autism (MCA)

Online training programme and bank of online resources and research bulletins for parental advice and support

Teenage Resource

Life Skills Resource

Building Capacity Resource

Best Practice Resource

Sensory Processing


Online counselling service.

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Contact the Autism Advisory and Intervention Service

The Autism Advisory and Intervention Team can be contacted for advice and information specific to children and young people who have, or may have, autism.