About the Educational Psychology Service

General information about the Education Psychology Service and who they work with.

Who we are

The Education Psychology Service is a team of psychologists who have training in child development, specifically for children with special educational needs. Assistant Educational Psychologist and Psychology Assistants support the Educational Psychologists with assessments and interventions for children and young people.

The Service provides advice and support to children and young people with a special educational need, from the time of referral and may continue this support through all stages of compulsory education. 

The team aims to give children, their families, carers and schools the advice and support needed to enable them to minimise the effects of the child’s learning difficulty within school.

Who we partner with

We work with:

  • Other EA support services;
  • External agencies, including schools and Health and Social Care Trusts;
  • Public Health Agency; and
  • Families and carers of children and young people. 

A number of other professionals may also be involved with the EP and GDPR guidelines are adhered to at all times. Permission will always be gained from those with parental responsibility to discuss any child.

What is an Educational Psychologist? 

Educational Psychologists are trained and qualified in understanding children’s emotional wellbeing, social development and learning needs. The role involves supporting children and young people, their parents or carers and educational setting staff to overcome barriers to education.   
An Educational Psychologist helps children and young people with a wide range of difficulties, including problems with learning, their relationships with others, emotional and behavioural difficulties, as well as supporting those experiencing bereavement and loss.   
All EPs working within the Education Authority are registered with the Health Care Professionals Council.   

An Assistant Educational Psychologist or a Psychology Assistant has a degree in Psychology and works under the guidance and supervision of an Educational Psychologist to support their work. This may include observations, testing and consulting with educational setting staff and providing interventions and support, either on a one-to-one basis or in a group.

Our Educational Psychologists offer consultation, assessment and intervention for children and young people who have emergent needs, with varying degrees of complexity and severity.

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Contact the Educational Psychology Service

The Educational Psychology Service can be contacted for advice and information specific to children and young people who have, or may have, special educational needs.