Request for Statutory Assessment

Online form to request statutory assessment of a child or young person.

Making a Request for Statutory Assessment

SEN Statutory Assessment Online Animation - BSL

SEN Statutory Assessment Online Animation - BSL

Some children may need additional help at school.

There are a range of support measures and strategies available for children and young people within their school. It’s important to raise any concerns you have about your child with the school and work together. Often appropriate and effective support can be put in place for your child, without the need to request a statutory assessment.  For more information see the Stages of Code of Practice.

If your child is still having difficulty accessing learning, despite assistance being provided by the school, or other professionals a request for referral for a Statutory Assessment can be made.

A statutory assessment is a formal and detailed process to find out about your child’s educational needs, and what additional support they may need in school.

We will then consider all of the available information and decide on whether or not an assessment is required.

The process can be complex, but we are making our best efforts to streamline the process, and guide you through it as best we can.

Please note a request for consideration of statutory assessment does not automatically lead to a Statutory Assessment being initiated or a statement of special educational needs being provided.

You can use this form if you are a:

  • School;
  • Parent;
  • Medical Professional; or
  • Educational Psychologist 

Request for Statutory Assessment Walkthrough Video

Request for Statutory Assessment Walkthrough Video

If you are a parent and unable to apply online, please call the SEN Helpline to arrange for a paper application to be sent to you.

For more information on the Statutory Assessment process or if you have any queries please contact the SEN Helpline and select option 1.

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