Sensory Service Case Studies

Personal stories from parents / carers and schools about how we have worked together to support children and young people.  

Robert’s story

Having been diagnosed as deaf from birth, working with a Qualified Teacher of the Deaf has been crucial for Robert’s family.  Here is their story.

I honestly would not like to think of where we would be without the support of Robert’s Qualified Teacher of the Deaf (QTOD) since his birth and diagnosis.  
Robert was our first baby and is the first deaf person I have ever met.  We felt scared and lost when we first met his QTOD, when he was just five weeks old.   
She helped us through everything, the good times and the bad, and helped me learn how to become a mum to my deaf son.   
Robert was bi-laterally implanted at 14months old. We are thankful every day, but it is sadly not a cure for his deafness. There are so many challenges he faces and as his mum I cannot be by his side and help him navigate school in the way that his QTOD can. 
Robert is now 10 years old and is an amazing boy.  He bravely and quietly faces his daily challenges.  He still has his struggles which worries me, but I know his QTOD is there encouraging him to have the confidence to self-advocate, which will be crucial as he grows.   
QTOD are crucial for deaf children and their ability to access the curriculum.  Robert is now in P6 and we will soon be facing new challenges as he transitions to post primary school.  I’ve been talking with his QTOD about this since P3 and I would not want to be without her at any point in his school journey.

Rose's Story

Having been diagnosed with hearing loss not long after birth, the Sensory Service team began working with Rose and her family. Here is their story.

We first met with the Sensory Service team very quickly after Rose’s diagnosis of hearing loss.  It was very reassuring to have someone to ask for advice and support at those very early stages.  What we found was not only practical support but also emotional support for myself and my husband.  
We were often overwhelmed with information and decisions and the team helped us find a calm approach to navigate and manage Rose’s diagnosis.  The Sensory Services quickly became our immediate go to when we needed advice.  
The at home support gave us confidence in supporting Rose with her development.  She is now five and in mainstream school with a full-time one-to-one classroom assistant and is doing incredibly well.  Without the very early intervention and engagement with the Sensory Service, I don't think we would be where we are with Rose’s development today.  She is a confident, happy and clever little lady.   

I remember when Rose was diagnosed and I spoke to the team, through tears, and they gave me the reassurance needed to build my confidence.  The team offers the essential early-stage support that all parents need.

Local Primary School’s Story

A local primary school in Co. Antrim has been working with the Sensory Service.  Here is their story.  

We’ve had a number of pupils coming through the school with hearing loss and the support of the Sensory Service team is invaluable.  They have helped in many ways including providing a liaison with the families, providing training to staff and one-to-one support for the pupils. 
The team has integrated into the school environment and has a wealth of knowledge including ideas and strategies.  Our main point of contact is undoubtedly a key factor for the school being able to accommodate and help the pupils thrive in a mainstream, non-special school setting.

Local Post Primary School’s Story

The Sensory Team has been working with a local high school to support its pupils.  Here is their story. 

EA Sensory Support Service has been incredibly beneficial in helping support some of our pupils. The team has provided guidance and training for our teachers and have been invaluable in working with the pupils.  Any issues that have been identified by a pupil or the school have been quickly resolved.  
The school has been given strategies and interventions that have worked to help our pupils overcome any difficulties they had, and the Sensory Service has worked with us to identify the different levels of support that our pupils need.   
The team has also been instrumental in helping decide on exam access for our pupils and exactly what support needs put in place.  We very much appreciate all the support and guidance provided. 

Local Integrated Post Primary School’s Story

An integrated school in Co. Antrim has been working with the Sensory Service.  Here is their story.

As a SENCO I am supported by a Qualified Teacher of the Deaf (QTOD) from the Sensory Team for two children within our school community that have cochlear implants.   
The support received on a weekly basis is outstanding.  The QTOD regularly communicates with the child, classroom assistants, parents and me as SENCO and does so with care and focus on the best support available.   
The QTOD has delivered training to staff on numerous occasions, and they have found this very beneficial for developing strategies to support the pupils.  This has also been essential in helping staff to understand the complexity and profound nature of need.  

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