How to access Medical Needs Support

How to get support for a child or young person.

SENIS Medical Needs can provide advice relating to children and young people with or without a Statement of Special Educational Needs.

If a child has a medical need, school staff and parents can talk to several professionals including medical or social care professionals. A healthcare professional will provide an individual healthcare plan if required.

A member of the SEN Inclusion Service for Medical Needs team will gather information, collated in partnership with both the school and the child’s parents. This information including the healthcare plan will help us tailor our advice, guidance or support.

The referral process

Usually, a parent or member of staff will tell us about children who have medical needs.

Sometimes a health or social care worker will tell us about children who need support. For example, if your child has a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes, the referral or notification will be made through a Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse who is an Allied Health Professional from the Health and Social Care Trusts.

If your child is being assessed for other needs, the educational psychologist might tell the service.

For further information see our Timeline information. 

What happens following a referral to the service?

Consideration of eligibility for support is on a case-by-case basis.

The individual needs of your child, information provided by healthcare professionals involved with your child and the context are then considered to determine the type of support provided by the SENIS Medical Needs team.

In collaboration with the school and the child’s parents, we will offer advice for
the most appropriate support to help meet your child’s medical needs based on circumstances presented.

What level of support will my child receive?

Many children and young people with medical needs are supported successfully by standard inclusive practice and policies in schools and are guided by information and advice from the Department of Education, the relevant Health and Social Care Trust professionals and the Education Authority.

The advice, guidance or support provided by the SENIS Medical Needs is based on the specific medical needs of each child or young person. The level of support is based on circumstances presented and supported by documentation from healthcare professionals.

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