Support available to schools for Medical Needs

Find out about the support available to educational settings. 

The Special Educational Needs Inclusion Service (SENIS) Medical Needs supports children with SEN arising from difficulties in the following SEN Categories:

  • Physical (PN)

SENIS Medical Needs is a regional team made up of a small number of professionals with knowledge, understanding and experience of the effective inclusion of children and young people who live with physical or medical conditions.

The team supports pre-school, primary and post-primary educational settings through information, advice, training, guidance or resourcing.

School staff, for example, Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCos) may access resources by contacting the Service directly.


One of our roles is to build capacity within educational settings and schools. We offer or signpost training, specifically designed for school staff in pre-school, primary, post-primary and special educational settings.

We signpost training programmes for educational staff to promote an integrated approach to the effective inclusion of children and young people living with, for example Epilepsy. Epilepsy Action provide a free training module for schools.

Specific training for parents, carers, and schools on the use of specialist equipment is provided by healthcare professionals / specialist nursing teams if required.

Specific training for parents / carers and school staff can be provided by Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurses.

School staff may access online training “The Effective Inclusion of Pupils with Type 1 Diabetes” and “Supporting Transition” cross service training via the Children and Young People’s Service Training Programme.

Recognition and Treatment of Anaphylaxis

An awareness presentation video for “Recognition and Treatment of Anaphylaxis”. The Recognition and Treatment of Anaphylaxis presentation is co-produced by the Northern Ireland Paediatric Respiratory and Allergy Network and the Public Health Agency/Regional School Nurse Lead.

Diabetes Awareness for School Staff

An awareness presentation video for “Diabetes Awareness for School Staff”. The Diabetes Awareness for School Staff video should be watched by way of minimum if there is a child with Diabetes registered at the school or setting.

Advice and Support

Advice and healthcare plans can be obtained from Health and Social Care Trust professionals.

The type of support is based on each child’s individual needs within the context of the school or educational setting and supported by independent documentation from healthcare professionals.

We provide advice or support to complement the reasonable adjustments and provisions made by the school in meeting the pupil’s needs.

Information and advice is available to parents or carers of children and young people with medical needs.

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