Useful Resources and Links - Educational Psychology

Information and resources for school staff and parents in supporting children and young people.

Cognition and learning

  • The Dyslexia-SpLD Trust: A free online tool listing evidence-based interventions for supporting those with literacy difficulties, including dyslexia.
  • RONIT Bird: Provides useful resources for supporting those with specific learning difficulties, including dyscalculia.
  • Education Endowment Foundation: An independent charity which supports schools to improve teaching and learning and to break the link between family income and educational achievement.

Social, Behavioural, Emotional and Wellbeing

  • Regional Integrated Support for Education NI (RISE NI): Provides useful resources for parents and schools to support children up to P4 age in the areas of speech and language, fine and gross motor skills and social and emotional development.
  • BBC Cbeebies:  Provide programmes, games and activities to support learning and development in young children and promotes the ability to develop play and social skills and regulate emotions.
  • British Psychological Society: A charitable organisation and representative body supporting the work of Psychologists.
  • Phoenix Education Consultancy Limited: Provides advice and useful resources for schools in supporting the most vulnerable children and young people.
  • AWARE NI: A charity which provides support directly to those suffering depression and to parents, carers and families of those living with the illness.
  • Mental Health Champion Northern Ireland: The office of the Mental Health Champion provides advice and help in the promotion of mental health and wellbeing through all policies and services throughout NI.
  • Helplines NI : Provides over the phone and online contact from over 30 vital support organisations, including Childline, Barnardos, Autism NI and Eating Disorders Association NI.
  • Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership: A Guide to Help Parents on Their Journey Through Disability/Additional NeedsThis resource, created by parents for parents, addresses the whole life journey for parents of children with disability and additional needs. It is a live document which will be updated as new resources are developed.

Speech, Language and Communication Needs

  • The Communication Trust and Consortium:  Over 50 voluntary and community groups who contribute to the work of the Trust in supporting those who work with or care for children and young people who have speech, language and communication difficulties.
  • Autism NI: Provides support, training and resources for families and young people living with autism.


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