Timeline for accessing support for Medical Needs

Timeline for accessing support.

Criteria and Timelines are under review as part of the SEND Transformation Programme. They are also impacted by the current significant financial constraints and pressures facing education.

Timeline for Accessing Support from the Service

For children with medical needs, information or advice is provided within 2 weeks of a request being submitted.

What if my Child has a Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes?

For children with Type 1 Diabetes, a Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse (PDSN) notifies SENIS Medical Needs via email.

  • Once a referral is received, we will provide the school with a guidance booklet and forms to complete with regard to the school context.
  • We will assign a member of our team with whom parents/carers can discuss any queries regarding support from the service.
  • The school and parent/carer will also sign the Health Care Plan and return to the service.
  • All completed documentation should be returned to the service within 2 weeks.
  • The most appropriate package of support will be developed to support the child’s current medical needs once all necessary information has been received. This will be done in collaboration with the school, health professionals and parents or carers.
  • Within 4 weeks, recommendations, in the form of an allocation letter from the SENIS Medical Needs Service, will be shared with the educational setting, who will inform parents of the arrangements the school plans to make to support the child or young person.
  • Regular monitoring and review of support takes place with the school setting to ensure our provision is timely and responsive to the changing needs of a child or young person living with Type 1 Diabetes.

Support is always provided on a needs-led basis.

1 Referral received

2 weeks

2 Completed documentation returned

4 weeks

3 Allocation letter sent to setting

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