About the Exceptional Teaching Arrangements Service

General information about the Exceptional Teaching Arrangements Service and who they work with. 

Who we are 

The Exceptional Teaching Arrangements Service are experienced staff with a range of experience and additional qualifications and interests that allow them to support referred pupils.

The team assists a pupil’s registered school to deliver education to young people who, normally for medical reasons or other exceptional circumstances, are temporarily unable to attend their school for a period of more than 20 days.   These pupils continue to be on the school register and are the overall responsibility of their school.

Exceptional Teaching Arrangements is not a replacement for school and in the main is a temporary support measure with a clear intention of assisting  and encouraging each young person back to their full-time educational placement unless they are receiving specialist group support at Key stage 4.  

Who we partner with

We work with:  

  • Other EA support services; 

  • External agencies including schools and Health and Social Care Trusts;  

  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS);

  • Medical consultants;

  • Public Health Agency; and  

  • Families and carers of children and young people.   

A number of professionals may be involved and GDPR guidelines are adhered to at all times with permission gained from those with parental responsibility to discuss any child. 

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Contact the Exceptional Teaching Arrangements Service

The Exceptional Teaching Arrangements Service can be contacted for advice and information specific to children and young people who are unable to attend their educational setting because of physical illness or mental health.