Criteria and timeline for accessing support

Criteria and timeline for accessing support.

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Criteria and Timelines are under review as part of the SEND Transformation Programme. They are also impacted by the current significant financial constraints and pressures facing education.



Consultation with Education Psychology Service is available for school staff, usually the SENCo, for a child:

  1. with an identified SEN,
  2. who is recorded on the school’s SEN Register,
  3. who is presenting with a barrier to their learning.

Consultation with Education Psychology Service is available for pre-school staff for a child:

  1. who has emerging and complex needs,
  2. who has or may have SEN,
  3. who is presenting with a barrier to their learning.


Assessment is available based on the needs of the child and on the professional judgement of the Educational Psychologist, having gathered all relevant information from the school or pre-school setting.


If an intervention is recommended by the Educational Psychologist, this will occur following consultation and/or assessment. Interventions may be deemed appropriate where a child or young person is presenting with social, emotional, wellbeing or behavioural difficulties, and have not responded to strategies put in place by their school.



An initial school planning meeting is usually arranged between an Educational Psychologist and each educational setting in the first term of the academic year. Short-term teaching approaches for the school to implement will be agreed, goals and targets set and a specific outcome described.  Schools may request a consultation about a child at any time of the school year.


Where the Educational Psychologistdeems it appropriate to conduct an assessment of the child or young person’s needs this will normally be completed and a report provided within 6 months.


If an Intervention is deemed appropriate by the Educational Psychologist, following a consultation and/or assessment this will normally begin within 6 weeks with parental consent.

Statutory Assessment

The Education Psychology Service has a statutory duty to conduct a statutory assessment and provide Psychological Advice to the EA within 6 weeks of a request by the Statutory Assessment and Review Service.

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