EOTAS Placements for Pupils

EOTAS is educational provision for children with social, behavioural, emotional wellbeing issues who, without its provision, cannot sustain access to suitable education.

What is EOTAS?

EOTAS allows young people who have been expelled from school, or have otherwise disengaged from their registered school, to participate in education until they:

  • Achieve a new school place;
  • Are prepared for re-entry to an existing school place; or
  • Reach compulsory school leaving age.

EOTAS is not a duplication of mainstream education. It is an educational provision to meet specific, identified pupil needs and is not a standalone alternative.

Types of Provision

  • EOTAS is different to mainstream school and, while concerned with educational progress, must also focus on helping children and young people to address and overcome the Social, Behavioural, Emotional and Well Being difficulties (SBEW), or other barriers which are preventing them from accessing learning.
  • EOTAS must provide a continuum of provision to address the diversity of needs presented by these young people, particularly those with SBEW.

The two main types of EOTAS provision are:

  • Short term placements with continued school attendance where EOTAS focuses completely on addressing SBEW (accessed through a referral to Post Primary Behaviour Support) ; and
  • Longer term placements retaining links with school but with the EOTAS setting taking responsibility for delivering curriculum as well as addressing SBEW.

EOTAS Referral

1 School Completes Referral Form

The school completes the EOTAS referral form. A referral for EOTAS must be made in consultation with and Educational Psychologist.  Parent and Pupil consent are required.

2 Assessment

Once the referral is received a panel will meet (twice a year Dec and April) to decide an EOTAS placement. 

3 Referral Decision

The school will be notified of the panel outcome within 2 weeks of the panel date. 

This referral pathway is for a young person at key stage 3 or 4 with social, behavioural, emotional and wellbeing needs. 

Referrals are accepted for a young person with or without a Statement of SEN following a referral to EOTAS

EOTAS is not a duplication of mainstream education. It is an educational provision to meet specific, identified pupil needs and is not a standalone alternative.

A referral for an EOTAS placement can be submitted at any time in the school year however panels only occur in December and April/May . 

Referrals can only be made by the pupil’s school via the BP1 referral form which must be emailed to: [email protected] with all necessary supporting documentation including parent/carer and child agreement.

Further information on referral timescales and supporting guidance are listed below.

EOTAS Referral Process Timescale

Date Activity


22 March 2024 by 4pm

Closing date for EOTAS referrals sent to [email protected]. (Referrals received after this date will not be considered at the April/May panels)


28 March 2024

Final date for Administration Team to process EOTAS placement consideration lists for panel and prepare for online panels.


8 April 2024

Panel members informed of pupils being considered at EOTAS panel.


29 April 2024

EOTAS Panel Meeting - Locality East


30 April 2025

EOTAS Panel Meeting - Locality East


1 May 2024

EOTAS Panel Meeting - Locality North


2 May 2024

EOTAS Panel Meeting - Locality North


3 May 2024

EOTAS Panel Meeting - Locality South West


17 May 2024

Regional Administrator to distribute panel outcomes to Administration Team and Advisers for allocation of Centre and processing letters.


24 May 2024

All successful and unsuccessful letters to be emailed to schools and EA services informed of outcomes by this date. Follow up actions for deferred cases will be completed as soon as possible with schools and services informed.

PPBSP - Service Guidance on the Request for Placement Form

  • Requests for placement in EOTAS will only be considered when all possible reasonable adjustments and interventions have been exhausted.
  • Relevant multi-disciplinary meetings should be held in advance of request for placement - Behaviour Support Officers should be included in these meetings.
  • A fully completed Educational Psychology Consultation or Assessment must be evidenced with the Placement Request Form.
  • Pupil and parental consent must be evident on the referral form. Signatures must be evident with the Request for EOTAS Placement Form at the point of referral.
  • It is essential for schools to detail all reasonable and purposeful measures implemented to date, along with outcomes of those interventions on the appropriate section. Absence of any information may cause the request to be deferred.
  • It is essential that evidence of two plans specific to the pupil needs are included with reviews and adjustments, as required.
  • If a request for EOTAS placement is a possible outcome from an Annual Review then consultation should occur with Behaviour Support and Provisions prior to the submission of EOTAS Placement Consideration paperwork.
  • If a placement request is required due to an expulsion, Post Primary Behaviour Support Advisers should be contacted and forms completed by referring Service.
  • Schools should send the referral form with the relevant attachments to [email protected] and put as subject: SCHOOL NAME – LOCATION - CHILD NAME- YEAR GROUP eg: Purple High School – Cookstown – Josephine Bloggs – Y10
  • Requests for placement regarding the April/May panels will not be considered by panel after the closing date. Referrals should be made before 4pm on Friday 22 March 2024.
  • If you are referring a pupil in Year 10 the school must ensure that applications to occupational studies is completed to allow for progression if the young person is allocated a place.

Making an EOTAS Application

Schools are required to provide a full and comprehensive overview of the individual pupil’s presenting needs and details of interventions that have been provided to date including input from EA services and/or partner agencies. 

EOTAS Referral - BP1 Form

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